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Owl mountains - Gory Sowie

Into the (Slightly) Wild – Hiking in the Owl Mountains

As we hiked up into the wooded foothills of the Owl Mountains of Poland, I turned to look back on the town of Bielawa.

“The problem with this kind of hiking,” I said, “is that it just makes me hanker for more exotic places.”

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Hiking in the Tatra Mountains

After the melodrama of a neck injury so serious that it took me nearly a whole day to recover, it was time to finally go hiking in the Tatra National Park.
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Tatra Mountains (Gallery)

It wasn’t the greatest day for photography, but here are a few images from my day of hiking in the Tatra Mountains.

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Things To Do in Zakopane when Your Neck Is Cricked

I was so happy to have arrived in Zakopane, the resort town in the Polish Tatra mountains. Well, at least until I tried to get out of bed on that first morning.

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Old book

Visiting the Human Library

I’m a big fan of libraries. I’m also quite fond of humans. So when I heard that there was a ‘Human Library’ event being held in Wroclaw, I felt obliged to go and see what it was all about.

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Taking the Polskibus to Warsaw

Having decided to make the trip to Warsaw, I took a tip from a friend and used the coach company called Polskibus. But would it be any better than the Eurolines service I took to get here? And would I actually get any work done?

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Getting the Long View

A lot of people don’t seem to like like Warsaw. Or at least those people who aren’t from Warsaw don’t. I keep hearing the same thing again both from Polish people and foreigners alike – about how harsh it is on the eye. When I went there, however, I had a very different experience.

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Park Południowy, Wrocław (Gallery)

What can you do with a landscape? You can’t hug it. You can’t lick it. You can’t chew it. Well I suppose you can have a bit of a nibble, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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An Artist Date with Added Screams

Everything seems to stop in Wroclaw on Sundays, even more so than back in the UK. People just vanish from the streets and even the cafes are mostly empty. But it’s my one day off this week, so I want to do something with it.

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