Amed in Bali

Podcast #2: The Bali Episode

In this episode I talk about my recent time in that most instagrammable of places – the Indonesian island (province, even) of Bali.

I’ll be talking about:

  • The message I send to my future self every winter
  • Why Bali
  • First impressions of Ubud
  • What can make it hard to acclimatise
  • The hipster-surfer town of Canggu
  • Bali as a vegan paradise
  • The chain of islands that made my own trip so worth it
  • How Bali is dealing with the problem of washed-up plastic
  • Tips for your own trip to Bali

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Show Notes:

Here’s Bali:

The directory of digital nomad destinations I talk about it Pieter levels Nomad List. Canggu is still number 1 at the time of writing.

The book that helped fuel the interest in the hippy/cultural/yoga town of Ubud is Eat Pray Love.

To see many examples of hot dog legs in exotic locations, go here and here.

Here are those thought-bubble islands:

This is what luxury looks like in Bali, if you have 10 million plus rupiah to spare (per night). But this place is amazing too, and at a fraction of the price.

The Canggu Community Group on Facebook is the place for all your ‘What is this weird creature I’ve found in my garden / shoe / bed?’ needs. It’s also a good place to learn about the next beach clean up, as is here, here and here.

Oh, and here’s the instagram influencer photo of a woman lying on a beach full of washed-up plastic and other rubbish.

Any thoughts on what I’ve mentioned here? Slap em down below.

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  1. Another excellent podcast. It was easy to listen to and very entertaining, whilst being packed with useful information for those lucky enough to take a trip to Bali. I was relieved to hear that as time went on and everything became more familiar, you really did love being there!

  2. Maureen Liddell

    Another excellent narrative from your travels as interesting and informative as ever. Your podcasts work brilliantly with your books – keep travelling Neil and entertaining us as you go. Maureen Liddell

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