Wroclaw in the Snow (Gallery)

I like Wroclaw in the snow. I’ve mentioned that in a previous post. Here are a few snaps to give you a feel for what it’s like, without having to endure the whole slipping-and-falling-on-your-arse thing.


  1. marilyn critchley

    I love these photos and your descriptions of life in the snow. I feel like I don’t have to visit these places now as it is much warmer to visit them vicariously with my feet toasting in front of the log burner and a cup of hot chocolate. So I have to thank you Neil for doing the hard work of travelling, experiencing the food, the weather etc all so that lazy sods like me can pretend to have been there.

  2. Maureen

    Very interesting Neil, but I thought you would be out dancing somewhere warm!! Take care and keep doing well.

  3. Dorothy

    As I’ve said many times Neil, I love your photographs. They make me feel curious about what’s beyond the image and I feel like climbing in and expiring all the wonderful and interesting places you’ve visited! What a talent! oh, and by the way, the writings great too!!

  4. Dorothy

    Oh dear, mistake in my text…… should of course have read climbing in and EXPLORING!!!

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