Pszczyna – Getting Drenched in a Town I Can Barely Pronounce [Video]

I went to the town of Pszczyna recently, a place which, when I first came to Poland, I wouldn’t have been able to pronounce properly. Even now it still takes me a few goes, and perhaps a number of short meetings between my brain and my vocal equipment.

Set in southern Poland, in the voivodeship (kind of like a  department) of Silesia, the town of Pszczyna has a number of things to offer a passing visitor like me: Bison, a palace/castle (let’s call it a pastle), an open-air museum, and – at least on the day I visited – a whole lot of rain.

Find out more by watching the video:

Just to add a few more details…

The Bison Reservation (Pokazowa Zagroda Żubrów) costs 10zl (about USD2.50, GBP1.50) for a normal ticket at the time of writing.  You can get more information at their website, though it’s in Polish.

The thing I refer to as a palace is actually Pszczyna Castle, and their website is in various languages.

The Three Oaks (Trzy Dęby) area I refer to is actually the site of a war cemetery within the Castle Park, rather than being a park itself.

You can find out more about the Open-Air Museum (Skansen in Polish), here.

Pszczyna is about 40-50 minutes from Katowice by local train, on the main route to Bielsko-Biała.

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