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Have you read the book yet? Or are you in the process of reading it? If not then don’t spoil it for yourself – start reading the book first.

NOTE: There’s very little of me actually dancing in here. That may change in future 😉


Here are the maps of Colombia from the book, at a higher definition.

Chapter extras

These pages contain images, videos and other things relating to the various parts of the book. They are best viewed whilst reading each chapter or after you have read the whole book. They probably won’t make much sense on their own, anyway.

Chapters 1 (Danceless) and 2 (Let me be Frank) – Starting points, and my arrival in Bogotá.

Chapters 3 (Hot in the City), 4 (Forwards and Backwards) and 5 (Back on the Horse) – Learning to dance salsa in Cali.

Chapter 6 (Ready to Rumba) – Experiencing Carnival in Barranquilla.

Chapters 7 (Coasting) and 8 (Bumper to Bumper) – Learning champeta and mapalé in Cartagena, and visiting Palenque.

Chapter 9 (Hats Off) – Learning cumbia in Barranquilla.

Chapter 10 (Holy Moly) – Fannying about during Holy Week.

Chapter 11 (Flat Out) – Learning joropo in Los Llanos.

Chapter 12 (In the Valley of the Blind Drunk) – Experiencing vallenato in Valledupar.

Chapter 13 (The Rhythm Inside) – Heading inside and upriver to the Andean highlands.

Chapter 14 (Black and White) – Learning merengue in Medellín.

Chapters 15 (Deep Down) and 16 (Very Improving) – Learning guaneña, reggaeton, vallenato and bachata in Pasto, and popping down to Ecuador.

Chapter 17 (Beauty and the Beast) – Experiencing sanjuanero in Neiva.

Chapter 18 (Showdown) and Chapter 19 (Dancing Feat) – Putting on the big show.

Chapters 20 (Curtain Call) and 21 (Routine) – Saying goodbye to Colombia, and getting on with life.

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