Dancing Feat: One Man’s Mission to Dance Like a Colombian

Dancing Feat

Dancing Feat is a true story about how one modest Englishman (points to self) attempts to deal with his failings on the dance floor by dancing his way round Colombia. He does also take the occasional bus: this isn’t one of those ‘pogo-ing through the Himalayas’-type setups.

Follow my progress as I explore this great South American country learning not only how to dance, but how to operate outside my comfort zone. From the Pacific to the Caribbean; from the plains to the mountains… the sheer variety of ways I can humiliate myself are seemingly endless.

  • Join me on a journey through Colombian dance: from popular urban types found in every nightclub, to folkloric dances steeped in historical significance.
  • Learn about the truth and legend of this famously troubled country.
  • Get an insight into a people who are amongst the kindest and warmest anywhere on the planet, unless you’re trying to get away with not dancing.

Some six months after I began, my journey reaches its conclusion, and I’m honour-bound to perform a grand finale of the dances I’ve supposedly learnt.

But can such a bad dancer really make the necessary transformation? Is it even possible to remember so many dances? And is there a window backstage big enough for an adult male to fit through?

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