47 Amazing Things to See and Do in Colombia

47 Amazing Things to See and Do in Colombia

This is a list of cool things to do in Colombia, based largely on the knowledge I gained when I was out there writing Dancing Feat. It’s a quick read, too, being only about 16,000 words (Dancing Feat is 136,000).

You can get it at the following places:

Amazon – Kindle (.mobi)

Kobo (.epub)

Barnes and Noble – Nook (.epub)

Smashwords (.pdf)

It’s also available as a remarkably cheap paperback.

Here’s the blurb. Kind of. Actually I may have altered it slightly:

Detailed guides are great. But when you’re putting together your rough itinerary, you don’t necessarily need up-to-the-minute peso prices, opening hours on public holidays and the nicknames of all the local bus drivers. Sometimes you just want a quick heads up, so you know what’s what.

This is that guide.

Quick read – an hour or two at most and you’ll be finished and looking for another freebie.

Humorous – the author makes the occasional attempt at wit. It’s up to you whether you laugh or roll your eyes.

Photos – you know, those things a camera takes.

Maps – I’m not going to explain what a map is.

History – this is getting silly.

Get the low-down on Colombia in a single sitting – download now.

If you do read it, I’d love an honest review. Reviews provide social proof, telling potential readers that this is a book worth downloading. Which helps me, of course, and makes it more likely that I can bring out stuff like this in the future, but which also helps readers. It doesn’t have to be an essay – a few words is fine.